Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Girih Seven Examples

Ive published a group of Girih Seven images. The final girih seven polygon set includes a heptagon, tetradecagon, elongated hexagon, rhombus, and bow tie. This follows the original girih tile example. I’ve added a second rhombus, another elongated hexagon, and several scaling tiles, including a trapezoid and kites. My bow tie has eight sides, instead of six, though two trapezoids make one six-sided bow tie. This larger tile set makes it possible to design without gaps, but its more difficult than using the pentagon based girih tiles. I havent made asymmetric patterns like those that are possible with girih extended. Otherwise, girih seven designs look like girih extended designs, and arabesque. The π/5 girih system and π/7 girih seven system complement each other.

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