Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

The blogger, SIRENDER, sent me this link to the press release on the 2011 Nobel prize for chemistry. It's cool that they mention Islamic mosaics. I don't think they had. It's my understanding that there's really no evidence that Islamic architects and artisans knew the significance of aperiodic tilings. Peter Lu and Paul Steinhardt wrote in 2007 that Darb-i Imam is the only known example of a perfect quasi-crystalline pattern in Islamic art. I wonder if the Alhambra, aperiodic example cited by the press release is a newer discovery. Still, I'm glad the press release from Sweden makes the connection.

Speaking of tilings, here's another girih seven pattern, this time with no gaps in the underlying structure. Since my last post I've added a tile that makes it easier to avoid gaps, though tilings with the new set of heptagon based tiles are still more difficult than pentagonal tilings.

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