Friday, January 23, 2009

Dart-Rhombus Recede

This is a 3-fold, dart-rhombus, radial tiling. Each dart is decorated or marked by rhombi which recede from the adjacent rhombus. This divides each dart-rhombus into ever smaller copies. Each adjacent dart-rhombus is a trivially simple fractal.

I generated this image with six rows, but I have also done a 3 row version, both of which can be seen in my Tilings project. A description of the process for generating the basic dart-rhombus structure without the decoration is here.

In these digitial drawings I superimpose an image on each tile. Sometimes the image is programmatically varied from tile to tile. In these cases the tile with its marking is no longer a true tiling in the mathematical sense, though the underlying structure is. The marking or decoration of the tiles, other than by systematic coloring, often obscures the structure. Infinitely many interesting tilings are possible without this obfuscation. I choose this approach because I'm less interested in the math than I am in inventing a quasi natural image.

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