Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Silver Means

I have edited four lines in three sections of my paper that I submitted to the JOMA. The revised version is here: "The Golden Rectangle – One Rectangle in a Continuum of Infinitely Many Similar Rectangles". On further investigation I found that I should describe the first series of rectangles in my paper as being based on the silver means which is described on the Fibonacci website of Dr. Ron Knott ( I should credit Knott with documenting the silver means. I had already included Knott in my references, but I should be more specific in regards to the silver means. Until yesterday, I wasn’t aware that Knott had already identified this series of numbers that are central to my paper.

The edits I am making include four lines in: the second paragraph of the Abstract; the second paragraph of the section, First Series of Similar Rectangles; and, the title of Table 1. In each case I am identifying my first series of rectangles as being based on Dr. Knott’s silver means.

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