Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One of a Kind Archival Inkjet Prints

The archival inkjet prints on are printed using an HP Designjet 90 with HP Vivera Ink, and HP Premium Plus Photo Satin paper. These inks, along with the HP Premium Plus Photo paper, produce images that resist fading for 82 years. Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. has concluded that prints made with HP No. 85 ink cartridges and HP Premium Plus Photo papers may be displayed indoors under glass for 82 years before noticeable fading and staining occur (see for details).

Each archival inkjet print is one of a kind. They are drawn in an Adobe Flash interactive movie, developed by the artist, using Actionscript. Each drawing exists in its original vector-based digital form only as long as the web page running the Flash script is open in the artist’s browser. After a suitable inkjet print is made, a bitmap image is saved, but the original vector drawing is destroyed.

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